Why You Need To Learn The Lost Art of Tape Reading

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Fausto Pugliese

Fausto Pugliese, Founder and CEO of Cyber Trading University, was one of the first independent day traders to take advantage of the direct-access trading technology boom that started in 1987. In the early 1990s, he was one of the original SOES bandits on Wall Street. In Fausto’s years of active day trading, he acquired a wealth of knowledge from hands-on experience, working side-by-side with some of the most experienced market makers in the industry, watching closely as they would strategize and take positions in the stocks that they dominated.

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  1. Profile photo of Wayne O Wayne O says:

    CTU has proven to me that Tape Reading is clearly the very heart of Day Trading as a Professional, (someone that just doesn't have bad days anymore). I intend to get there one day soon.
    Wayne O.

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