How To Prosper In The Coming Bear Market

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How To Prosper In The Coming Bear Market

Businessman Stock Market Crisis Crash Finance ConceptThe stock market has been soaring for the past six years and buy-and-hold and long-only traders have profited mightily. While these traders have done quite well, many of them will be tempted into believing that the stock market “can only go up” and that they’ve found the “magic formula” for profiting in the markets. This isn’t a far-fetched assertion: two old traders’ adages, “don’t mistake a bull market for brains” and “a rising tide lifts all boats”, were coined to describe this tendency for traders to become excessively complacent, only to lose most of their profits (and initial investment) when the bull market inevitably ends.

Why will this bull market eventually turn into a bear market? First off, all market trends end and reverse; it’s just a simple reality of market cycles. Secondly, there are many reasons to be suspicious of the current bull market. In all honesty, the U.S. stock market has not tripled because the economy is so strong (we all know it isn’t!), but because the Federal Reserve has held interest rates at record lows of virtually zero percent for over six years and printed trillions of Dollars to boost the economy.

When this bull market inevitably ends, the complacent “long-term investors” will get caught off-guard and not know what hit them. Again, this isn’t a wild theory, but an assertion based on history. How can investors survive in these volatile times? We at Cyber Trading University believe that the answer is to not be a “buy, hold, and pray” investor who is really just a sitting duck in this market environment, but a savvy, nimble trader who is able to profit from both up and down markets.

We don’t recommend being just any kind of trader, but an intraday trader who avoids overnight market risk, which has grown significantly in recent years due to the non-stop, 24-hour news cycle. Cyber Trading University’s founder and CEO Fausto Pugliese teaches a revolutionary day trading system that allows traders to earn consistent profits all throughout the day with no overnight risk, whether the market is soaring or plunging, and everything in between.

How does Fausto’s system work? He teaches traders how to follow the “smart money”, or savvy institutional traders and market makers as they make moves in fast-moving stocks throughout the day. Becoming a modern-day tape reader is a very big part of Fausto’s method, and virtually no other trading schools or instructors teach this important discipline.

If you want to protect and grow your wealth in the coming volatile times, we strongly recommend attending one of our cutting-edge daytrading courses. Please email us at or call Cyber Trading University at 1-877-702-9237 to learn more.

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