CyberGroup Workshop: "How To Prosper In The Coming Financial Crisis"

Topic: How To Prosper In The Coming Financial Crisis

In Friday’s exclusive workshop for CyberGroup members only, famous economic analyst and columnist Jesse Colombo will teach you How To Prosper In The Coming Financial Crisis. At age 22, Jesse was recognized by the London Times for warning about the 2008 global financial crisis on a large scale as a university student. Since then, he’s built a massive following as he warns about new economic bubbles that have formed in the past few years. Jesse believes that these new economic bubbles will cause another global financial crisis that is even worse than 2008, and he has spent many years developing and implementing strategies to profit in the hard economic times ahead. Many of these strategies directly involve trading the latest inflating bubbles on the way up, and betting on their ultimate burst.

In this workshop, Jesse will explain:

  • Why the global economic recovery is unsustainable
  • Which countries and sectors new bubbles are inflating
  • Why long-term stock and bond investing is a terrible strategy right now
  • How to make significant profits by trading bubbles and busts

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