Free Class: How To Trade Forex & Futures Like A Hedge Fund Trader

Webinar Title: How To Trade Forex & Futures Like A Hedge Fund Trader

Jesse Colombo

Jesse Colombo

On Friday, March 6th, we are hosting an informative free webinar with famous economic analyst and columnist Jesse Colombo. This webinar is called "How To Trade Forex & Futures Like A Hedge Fund Trader."

The currency (aka "forex") and futures markets are some of the largest, most actively traded in the world, but few people understand them. This is a shame, because there is big money to be made in these markets - just ask hedge fund traders and other sophisticated institutional professionals.

The key to understanding and becoming profitable in these markets is to have the right teacher. Jesse excels at making very complicated financial topics easy to understand for both novice and advanced traders alike. In addition, Jesse has become widely known in the media for predicting many important moves in the futures and currency markets.

In this webinar, Jesse will teach you:

  • -The benefits of trading forex and futures
  • -How the global forex and futures market works
  • -Important terminology and concepts
  • -What causes these markets to move
  • -Technical analysis of currencies and futures
  • -How to follow the "smart money"
  • -How to do the opposite of the "dumb money"
  • -The most important market trends to watch right now

Bio: Jesse Colombo is an economic analyst, forex trading instructor with Cyber Trading University, and columnist who was recognized by the London Times for warning about the U.S. housing and credit bubble as a university student. Jesse graduated with a Bachelor of Science (cum laude) from Stony Brook University.

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