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Joshua Martinez

Joshua Martinez


Speaker - Joshua Martinez

Topic - Powerful Fibonacci Patterns Overview

Successful traders only need to do ONE thing well in order to make it big in the Forex market or any other market; they must be able to predict future market movements. Well, this simple fact that accurate foresight is key isn't as simply applied in real life if you don't know about the Fibonaccis. And, if you're not using this charting cheat to plan your trades, you need to be.< Learn how you could use the same tool used by Forex market moguls in this live webinar on April 22nd at 4:30pm ET. That's why we're inviting you to a spill-all webcast where MTI's Head Forex Analyst, Joshua Martinez, will show you how pro traders from around the world master market predictions and trading using the often confusing Fibonacci sequence. He will decode this technical analysis tool and show you, step-by-step, how you could analyze and trade the market using this tool that feels like you're cheating your analysis. Reserve your space to watch Josh demonstrate:

  • How to mark retracement and extension lines with ease by letting the Fibonacci numbers practically do it for you.
  • Ways you could use larger time frames to perfect your entries and exits on smaller time frames.
  • Steps to identify market patterns like the pros with a few clicks of your mouse.

Ready to take your analysis up a notch? Your trading portfolio results are about to be revolutionized. Register now to watch Joshua Martinez present "Powerful Fibonacci Patterns Overview".

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