Free Event with Jody Samuels of FX Trader's Edge "Latching on to Trends: An Elliott Wave Solution"

Jody Samuels

Jody Samuels

On Thursday, January 29th at 4:30pm, we are hosting a free webinar with Jody Samuels, former Wall Street Trader and CEO of FX Trader’s EDGE. This is your chance to learn about the market cycles that repeat themselves over and over again in every time frame and every market. Combine theory with live markets to see how to catch the trends as they unfold in today’s volatile and trending markets. Get a taste of how Fibonacci and Harmonics are used in combination with Elliott to fine tune your entries and target your exits ever so precisely.

About the presenter:
Jody Samuels is one of North America's leading mentors for successful traders, and a speaker at the World Money Shows and NY and Las Vegas Traders Expos. After graduating in Finance, Ms. Samuels joined a US global investment bank on Wall Street for 15 years, trading currencies and managing professional traders, using the proven theories of Elliott Wave analysis which she teaches today to retail and institutional traders. Jody has trained thousands of new and seasoned traders how to use Elliott Wave as an overlay to any strategy to spot high probability trade setups in order to make more profitable trades and waste less time. Jody Samuels is passionate about teaching individuals how to trade the market "waves" and use entrepreneurial skills and habits to effectively manage their business.

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