How to Follow Institutional Big Block Trades Using Bookmap, Bookviewer, thinkorswim, or Tradestation


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📈 Join us for an exclusive online class led by renowned trading expert, Fausto Pugliese. In this session, Fausto will unveil the secrets to understanding and following institutional big block trades, giving you the edge you need in the world of trading using Bookmap, Nasdaq Bookviewer, thinkorswim, or Tradestation.

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🧠📈 Gain insights into the strategies and behaviors of institutional traders.

📊👀 Learn how to read real-time order flow data to spot significant buy and sell orders.

💰📉 Discover techniques for identifying and interpreting large block trades and their impact on stock prices.

💼💡 Explore practical trading strategies that leverage institutional trading activity for profit opportunities.

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today this lovely our event that we do here every day live at 12 o'clock once a

week we're going to talk about how to trade today's volatile markets we had a

fabulous week with earnings announcements there have been some really good winners but the most importantly it's not about the winners

it's about controlling the losers and how to know if you're on the wrong side and most and then also most important

how to follow the big orders now uh first of all I like to thank everybody that came from metastock last night um

to show up today so we're going to actually pick up where we left off from yesterday and for the ones that we not

here that's okay because we're going to start all over again um we're going to go on for about 45 minutes so and it's

going to be it's going to go very very fast okay I promise you that you're going to see things that are going to blow your mind and I think everyone here

is going to realize that when you see what I'm about to show you a lot of you have been trading backwards I mean

literally I've been doing this for 30 years I love what I do but teaching all of you how to do it on your own is

better and not only that but I'm going to invite every one of you to come and see us live and I'm going to do some

live trades so everything I show you you're gonna see for a whole week but really quick little uh little risk

disclaimer before we continue um just let you know that I'm not making any guarantees or warranties um Stu it

varies student to student so please be very smart before you go out there and make your trade in today's volatile

markets now this is what we're going to cover all right we're going to cover um

how to identify stocks that do breakouts we're also going to talk about how to use NASDAQ book viewer level three which

I call we're going to talk about level four some people like what the hell is level three and level four you're GNA

see it's gonna blow your mind um we're GNA also talk about how do we predict upcoming stock movers how we find these

stocks and obviously price action on how these things uh with algorithms high

frequency trades dark pools all those things that you hear about that's going to show you how to follow 70% of the

movers out there now before we go out there I just want to show you I just want to get to the actual Market really

quick right here and um there were quite a few stocks that did move today and I

want just go over a few of them um first of all I don't know if everyone saw Roku all right Roku had a really really big

move this morning you can see had good earnings look at this move on Roku by the way did anyone trade

Roku anyone anyone trade Roku here or saw what happened this morning the stock

went from 6950 all way to 78 nobody here traded roko

okay Kurt you didn't um Paul you did Judy um AI also s

we we look at that one too but let's think about this for a sec

there were a lot of stocks that were moving why did this stock go up what drove this stock to go up that's what we

want to talk about so I want to show you something really quick and I'm not gonna I don't want I want to jump to the end

of our presentation to get you all excited what to expect and I'm going to show you exactly how we read it now the

question I have for all of you is this does anybody know why Roku went up I'm

just going to test everyone's knowledge I want to all of you guys to get involved Don't Be Afraid don't be shy

don't be embarrassed nobody can read anybody's chat okay but don't let me call you out Brian Goodman Calvin shine

Lon you know all of you guys big money Edward says buyers Robert

says big large orders people wanted to buy it earnings okay well you know

what's funny you all a lot of you came up with the right answer okay it's all about buying and selling right now let's

think about this for a second because this is what's going to get you excited about what you're going to learn how much you would have if you

knew you were able to see buyers at 9:30 10 o'clock 10:30 knew that there

were buyers out there okay how much smarter and better trading decisions

would you have made on all the stocks that you traded today think about it what really what tells you no what

what's what's to say you know more than black rock or Goldman Sachs or the

algorithms wouldn't you wouldn't it be nice to know where 70% of the buyers are well I'm G to show you okay and not am I

going to show you I'm going to show you what's going on right here look what you're looking at is a heat map and

you're seeing all buyers and sellers out here look at this big red line up here

around $80 see that red line right there there's a 46,000 share seller that's

waiting in the wings wants to get get out at 80 do you have a game plan to get out at

80 okay because own it from 69 knowing that you're gonna be dealing a big seller 80 how much smarter and better

trading decisions would you have made okay how about coinbase coinbase had a

big run up today right big big run let me uh get some more data here do you know that there is a 5,000

share seller right around 9450 all right I mean not doesn't sound

like a lot not as much as we saw before but like you know what I got some more to show you okay let this uh let this

data add up and oops just waiting for it to load up

here lot of data on uh coinbase coin actually's coming out

earnings this um at the close today so really excited about that

one almost


okay okay oh still adding more data okay there we go all right

so look at look what's happening right here at at $84 there's a big seller out

there he's been out there since 9:30 this morning right what happened when we got to $84 did it go higher no it didn't not

only is there a big seller at 84 but there's a 40,000 share seller at

85 do you have a game plan knowing that you're going to be coming up to a 40,000 share seller at

85 okay how about this if you get past 85 let's just say someone decides I want

to buy the 40,000 shares do you know that there's another 42,000 share seller

at 98 at 89 not at 86 not at 87 or 88 but at

89 how much smarter and better swing trades options trades and more

importantly day trades you would made by knowing that that's day trading at its best because that's why we love the game

of trading you have to know how to play the game but when you look at a chart

like coinbase and if you want to go out there and add your moving average your

stochastics your RSI your Bower band um maybe a macd you know and if

this could help you figure that out I don't know about you but I'm I'm not more concerned about mathematicians who

invented indicators I'm more I'm more concerned about where is that high

frequency trade where are those big buyers that's what we're going to learn now who here wants to know more about

this who here wants to know how to start forgetting about learning what you taught in the past and starting to learn

how to read the future good that I hope I'm glad because I hope I got everyone's attention

because this is why you know I've been a 12-time champion at the Traders Expos at

the money shows I went up against every school I've been to China I've been to you know Canada I've been all over the

us all right I've been to Europe I competed against every school in the industry beat every school now why is

that because the difference between everyone else and here at Cyber train University is that I'm a market maker I

live here in New York I was trained by the best traders in the world and the reason and listen when you think of New

York you think of the financial industry okay when I think of California I think of movies when I think of Italy I think

of good Italian food okay but I don't think about the stock market you know in

in Paris okay it's all starts here some of the biggest Traders live in my town

all right where I live and I could tell you this you are not going to beat

them but you can join them and that's okay because we're just

trying to get the answer which with the ants on the floor we're just trying to get the crumbs and that's what we're going to focus on and that's why I

started the first educ well one of the first schools 30 years ago and still

here today and now what and that's why that article was written up with me and a couple of friends on the left hand

side on Ford's magazine a bunch of kids tormenting Wall Street yeah I was a kid I started when I was 22 years old I'm 52

now and I still do uh and I run one of the most popular the most brand name

educational schools in the industry and not only that but I'm also the author of how to beat market makers at their own

game I'm G to give every single one of you a copy of my book just sticking around at the end all right I am also a

regular speaker at the NASDAQ now NASDAQ I'm going to be there next week we'll let you're all welcome to watch us watch

me live NASDAQ wants you to know how to trade the market okay I am actually um

one of their speakers that helped teach you how to trade on level three now some of you I don't know if you have even

looked at level three but we're g to talk about it we're gonna talk about level three level four but the better and smarter you know how to trade the

more trades you do the more money the exchanges make that's why they want you to learn so what I'm looking to do today

is this okay for everyone that's here I am looking to get some of you to be part

of my family you see all those people on that picture I'm hoping that some of you here are going to want to be one of them

because to be a successful Trader you got to have a successful team a lot of you here don't qualify to trade and

let's let's and let's be honest that's okay you know you don't want to go to the doctor and he's just say oh yeah you

oh doctor I have a little you know I'm getting some uh heartburn oh you need you got to get a heart transplant okay

heart transplant I just got some you know some heart burn what does that have to do about getting a heart transplant

listen I'm not here to make money off you okay like some other people would I'm here to look for people to be part

so we could work together like a team but to do that you got to listen to me carefully because you got to see if this

is for you or not and that's the the whole thing about trading so let's talk about what happened this month we had a

big correction in the market the market took a very very big hit you um you saw what banki said he didn't raise interest

rates again thank God okay but we had a lot of earnings some are good some are

great some are bad okay we saw what's happening with the war um we we see

what's happening we're going into an election year as a Trader we don't get political we don't

take things personal okay we are here for one reason and one reason only and

that is to make a career of trading and to make money and not to lose it okay but there are opportunities every day to

go go out there and trade let me just show you a couple of things that happen in the market okay here's a photograph I

don't know if anyone here is subscribed to our our Twitter our Instagram

specifically our YouTube channel if you have not done that already please like

us friend us subscribe to it we post every day we give you we give you tips of the day as in watch list what's going

on in the market everything but our goal is we don't tell you what to buy or sell we teach you how to think for yourself

and that's the big difference but we did a um we did a post right here and you could see this is a nice little image of

what's going on in the market what's coming out with earnings everything like that so we'll start off talking about Pinterest okay so Pinterest had a really

really big move I don't know if anyone here cares for Pinterest I don't know if you like Pinterest hate it love it you

know I used it you know but just because I used it in the past doesn't mean I'm

going to be oh I love I got to buy it but you know what it had good earnings um this week and you could see it had a

really nice run it ran from 28 to 29 now the key here is what you have to look is

this okay um I want to do a quick poll and my poll is this

um my poll is here we go let let me know if

this is launching is what kind of Trader are you are you a stock Trader an

options Trader future Forex so if everyone's got a you see the little poll coming up there could everyone just fill that out really quick and I want to

share that with us I want to see how everyone you know it's always nice to be involved in a poll right you can't you

hear about these polls on TV all time like nobody called me and ask me for my opinion well now you can all right so

let's see how we all figure that out uh Jeff has a good question he goes can you discuss uh when you know how to

spot price breakouts through large orders beforehand yes Jeff we're going to cover that great question all right

so um I can't sit here all day waiting so if you haven't I'm going to close it close it out I'm going to end the poll

I'm going to share it so it looks like we have a lot of stock Traders and options Traders okay so let me explain

something to you really quick all right don't take this personal you want to be a good options

Trader you damn well better learn how to be a good stock Trader first because it's the movement of the stock that

makes an option move so how do you know what option to trade if you don't even know what to stocks doing and please

don't tell me you're trading options because of the leverage okay that is a poor man playing a rich man's game it is

five to 10 times harder to trade the option than just to trade the stock but I know why a lot of people like the word

options because they can't afford the stock which is a misconception because there are a lot of stocks you could

trade you just were never taught how to find them and we're going to talk about that if you want to be a good swing

Trader okay well how do you know what to swing trade if you don't know what's happening over the course of the day all

right so and it it becomes harder if you're a Futures Trader a Forex Trader

okay listen I'm not a jack of all trades okay I I'm I'm actually a professional

day trader I like the day trade because I make my money for the day I could sleep at night I can go out and take

care of my chickens and you know do my gardening and go spend time with my family and stuff like that I don't worry

about it but I do do some swing trades but my first priority is always to look to make a day trade because it's those

day trades that help me find those swing trades or maybe do that options trade but if you're Forex or or or a future

Trader let me just tell everybody this before we uh before we continue if

you're doing something for more than two to three months and if you're not making

money or seeing progression on your trading you have two problems number one

you probably had a bad teacher or two it's not your style that's it if anyone

here is trading more than three to six months and you're not making money doing

it you're wasting your time it's like hiring somebody somebody's working for you and after three months and he's not

making you any money you're gonna still pay him you know what I mean he shows up late he doesn't come to work he just

can't figure it out you're training him you know how hard is to find people even some of you colleagues are working for

you you see why people get fired or get have to let go so trading is no different we treat it we treat it like a

business so let's get back to the slides slowfi another big runner up um hold on

let me get my crayons here so you guys can follow along there we go so you can see Sofi

big runup look over here 931 to almost 11 o'clock look at that big nice move $7

to 750 50 cents th000 shares 500 bucks Amazon K mod earnings lot more expensive

ensive but nice little move Intel another one just over and over and over

again lots of big volatility because of all the earnings that are out here but this is what we like to trade stocks

like ibrx which you probably never heard of here's a stock that went from a120

all the way to 350 literally up almost two 300% in four days ibrx look at this

stock right at the gate goes from a140 to 220 now now when you look at a stock

like this did you need to trade an option oh I can't afford it you know I

can't afford uh Amazon okay well what's wrong with ibrx okay lot cheaper lot more controllable

less time frame to trade it you bought a thousand shares of that stock if you made five 50 cents on 500 shares that's

$100,000 salary I don't think anyone has a problem with that okay because that's

what trading is all all about and it kept going higher and higher and higher every day so why are we

here well because 90% of the people fail in trading why would anybody here would

want to get involved in a business with there's a 90% failure rate well I'll

tell you why you're not part of the 90% failure rate you know why because you're here today most people are ignorant

they want to go out there they says Ah let me try it on my own let me watch a couple of YouTube videos what do I need

to listen to F and cyber trade University yeah no problem you know what

good luck go figure it out and we'll still be here okay that is about 90% of

the failure rate you right now just to let you know in this group are probably

within the 40 to 50% failure rate which is not that bad believe it or not you got a 50-50 chance you you know just

being here today to make yourself succeed okay so that's how I do my statistics on figure it out now how

could you be part of not the 50% failure rate well that's what we're going to be talking about now okay because that is

going to determine if you're ready to go to that next level and the next level is how to follow the money so how to avoid

people from failing and not being a failure well before you focus on making money you got to focus on one of one

very important thing um it's all about hold on I'll turn that off for you okay so what's

important for all of you is you not have to focus on making money you have to

focus on stop losing it first you see I always tell everyone losing is a good

thing it's like what losing how's that good I'll tell you why it's a good thing you're gonna lose in trading it's part

of the game you know what I mean listen can you get into an accident in the car

car it's it's a risk you're taking the goal is to learn not to get into an accident

okay and trading it's it's a numbers game the way you learn from making money

in trading is you have to learn why did you lose money so you don't do that

again and that's really what our focus is okay we'll finding the winners are easy I I'll show you where we find them

it's the losers we got to focus on and let me tell you how we prevent that from happening okay number one no

overnights look what happened to this poor fella stock was at 108 opens up at $60 the next morning a 50% failure rate

ever happened to anybody why because some people just don't want to take a loss they says

maybe it'll come back tomorrow maybe it'll come back the day after that next thing you know they keep building a loser to a loser to Loser so rule number

one unless you're doing it to design no overnights carinal rule number two no

averaging down that is the other big mistake that people make so those are really the two tips I want to give you

right now okay you want to succeed in trading unless you do it into design

don't trade it now to be the uh to to be uh to best understand this I like to ask

everybody a simple question okay why do we always focus on the past could you

everyone just answer that question why is so many people so focused on charting and what happened five minutes last

month last year okay Kurt says it's easy to see anyone

else just curios anyone else Andy I didn't hear from you omara

what about you Belle Brian James Fuller what about you um can

back test what you want Kurt saying okay looking for a pattern Alex is

mentioning okay good Stuart says all we got I'm that's a great I'm glad you said

that Stuart no that's not because today it's going to change all right because

history has always a way of repeating itself but it a Damon it's not indicative of the future the past is not

always indicative of the future so this is what we're going to talk about what we need to look on is the future and the

future is just because you saw what was in the past the only way you could

repeat the past is whatever was in the past has to be in the future okay so

what we're going to talk about right now is something called level three and level four now I want to do another poll

um and my poll is this do you have access to level three

quotes so let me do a quick poll and see how you guys answer this

question just wait for everyone to answer this question and see how it goes

listen don't be scared to answer the question no one's going to yell at you no one's gon to embarrass you you better

off being honest with yourself right now than not you know than not answering at

all all right because you need to see how you compare to everyone else all

right so now remember what I told you trading is about a 90 80% failure rate

I'm going to end the poll and I'm going to share the results look how many of you said no 74% 26% yes so let's talk

about it now this is where things going to get interesting all right so I need your full attention right now because

what you're about to see is going to be extremely um disturbing because you're

going to realize that everyone who ever taught you or what you've been doing has been the totally opposite and backwards

now how could I honestly say that cuz I was there 30 years ago when I finally ra up rais

up the white flag and says you know what um I'm like how could anyone even trade

without knowing this okay and the reason and I could almost guarantee everyone's

gonna say the same thing when I'm old said and done why are not more people teaching this and I'm just going to

answer you ahead right now because they're not Traders they never were a market maker they were gym teachers they

were anal mathematicians you know there were some somebody just just got lucky

during coid okay you want to learn from Traders here we're going to learn it so

let me show you how things work what you looking on the left hand side let me get my crayons out

here and uh let me draw some let me draw some stuff here okay okay all right

right here we're looking at NASDAQ bookview we got buyers and we got

sellers so we got three columns okay okay one two

three the column right here is the buyers column right here too is the

amount of shares that somebody's looking to buy at that price and that third column right there in column one those

are orders okay those are people of how many shares um how many orders make up those

shares now whoever wants to buy the stock for the most amount of money is up on top whoever wants to buy stock for

less money is down here at the bottom same thing for the sell side whoever wants to sell for sell their shares for

the least amount of money is up on top whoever wants to sell their share some more money down at the bottom so what

you're seeing is a negotiated Market that's how NASDAQ started so you're seeing every order out there of every

person that wants to trade pelaton what they want to buy it for what they want to sell it for and guess what if you

have direct access which we'll talk about when you come join my trading room you'll be able to see your order out

here okay yeah Robert yes I called book viewer level three okay now let me clear

this out and let's go let's have some fun seeing how we utilize this so here

we're looking at a stock um RDM and you could see it was at $5 and

it took a huge hit and it went all the way down to a price of $4 and uh 25 cents right around that

2:00 and then it went right back up to 475 now this is the question you have to ask

yourself why did the stock stop at

425 Why didn't it stop at 460 Why didn't it stop Why didn't it go

down to four why 425 well the answer is right in front of

you when you look over here on the exchange meaning you have like a seat on the exchange because that's basically

what you're looking at there are two orders out there one at

69,000 at 430 and another 67,000 at 425

you're literally talking about what about close to I don't know about almost

140,000 shares okay looking to be bought right between 425 and

430 now I don't know about you but if I

had to guess where there is a lot of buyers it would probably be there not at

the 454 not at the 440 not at the 420 uh 433 but it would be right between those

two numbers and guess what when it hit that buyer it shot right up now Mo this

is where a lot of people make a mistake we're always looking for supports and resistance levels right remember I just

asked you a question I said why do people focus on the past too much because you're thinking that it's it's

it obviously should predict the future well regardless what the past told you

unless those same orders that were in the past are in the future which is what you see here you cannot have

support support fellow Traders does not exist unless you have

those buyers okay you need buyers to make support you don't need support to

make buyers and that's where everyone makes their big mistake now let's look at

resistance here's a stock nice little run goes from like this 1630 goes all

the way up right around one o'clock stops around 17 and then comes back down

why did it go to 17 Why didn't it go to 18 Why didn't it go to 1710 why did it

get right over there around 17 and started decide to go down well Okay the reason for it

is that right here if you look at level uh if you look at the book viewer right

here oops let TR you could see there's a 67,000 share seller which is right

here so you know what you got 800 share sellers thousand shares 500 remember

you're looking for resistance the only way you're going to

find resistance is to find those sellers no matter what you're drawing out there

without those sellers you don't have resistance now quick question did I lose

anybody yet just give me a yes or no anyone get

lost not yet okay doing okay Kurt thank you very much you're still here Jody

thanks please continue Mar was saying oh Marco we got a lot more don't worry about it oh my God it's already 12:35

did I tell you Tom's going to be flying and we're at slide we're almost halfway there but we'll we might go a little bit

over I think you guys are enjoying it listen if you guys are having a good time I'm having a good time I'm just

happy everyone's learning and figuring this out that's good all right so let's move

on uh okay let me get my point there we go all right so let's go over a few trades that we did this week so pltr

okay pltr went from 15 down to you know you can see here 14 1950 now in

theory in theory Dennis thank you very much Marco thanks for the thumbs up um I

appreciate it where do we buy it you ever own a stock and it's going down you're like oh

my God what do I do the thing's going down how do I what do I get out I mean listen do we sell it now I mean like

that's a pretty big loss in a short period of time what what do we need what do we need for the stock to stop to go

down what do we need do we sell it now what do we do do we look back and see what Mr Fibonacci said do we look and

see what uh what what shankin told us do we go back to that newsletter that they told us oh pltr is gonna is going back

to 14 uh to $30 what do we

do exactly John exactly Mike you gotta find the buyers right so let's go look

and see what's going on in the nasda exchange let's let's have look at the seed on the exchange so we need buyers

right okay so we look down here and we'll notice that we got some buyers a

56,000 right around that

$14.45 so I mean I don't know about you but like we're about 25 cents away so

yes can you take get out now or wait until you

get down at at 45 cents because like it or not it's going to 45 cents 2,000 shares 5,000 Shares are not

going to support it 56,000 that's going to support it and guess what if you see

what happened the stock did hit that price it went up it hit it again didn't want to break it and it went right up

that 1445 and shot right back up to 1480 now don't tell me this never

happened to you before okay I know it happened to almost every single one of you that you want a trade and like damn

it why didn't I hold on to it and then sure enough thing bounces back because

you were not watching them that's the problem all right let's go check out

Pinterest here's a stock that's going up right now what's the game plan the game plan is I gotta make I gotta take a

profit but sometimes we get greedy you know and sometimes we like we keep pushing that envelope keep pushing it

like maybe we'll go higher it's only Market's been opening up for we're at 10 10:16 I got all day I think it's going

higher okay that's it's possible it could do that that but you got one problem you got a 91,000 share seller

you're coming up at 30 bucks and unless it gets through those

76 orders out there I don't think it's getting past 30 and guess what didn't

pass it and you were stuck on it all day so ever wonder when you're watching

and like I don't understand why is the stock just hitting holding here it's just hovering just not going lower

or going higher just hovering here because of that one order out there now

I'm going to keep repeating myself over and over and over again and it's a reason for it because I want to sink in

your head how much smarter and better trading decisions if you were able to

see those orders out there stocks that you were in knowing that you're in a stock right now coming up to that big

order you know Dame's laughing out loud listen

now who here would like to get the book viewer who here wants to know how to

start using it because I'm GNA tell you something right now let me put my email

address okay

um all right so all you have to do is email me I'll be happy to give it to you

so take it on so let me explain something to you really quick and I'm just is from my own satisfaction my own

my own curiosity um what would you pay for this

what's like I mean what is it what is it what would you pay for something like this just out of

curiosity because when I started to have a seat on a New York Stock Exchange with

several million dollars now some of be like I got $7 million okay when I

started for me to get this data at 22 years old 30 years ago I had to

pay $1,000 a month $1,000 guess what it's not $1,000

anymore okay it's not a th it's not

free but what would you pay for it would you pay $100 for it I'm just curious is

it worth paying a 100 to see where 50% of the volume in a stock is okay Jeff

says sure Mike says absolutely bill says it's Priceless all right how about it's

not 100 it's not 50 okay it's not even 20 it's $15 would you pay 15 bucks for

it would you pay $15 to be able to have it yeah okay take my email

address and I'll tell you where to get it because before we tell you where to find it on that website I want you to

watch one of our videos so you know how to set it up okay uh no it's not like in a Bloomberg

terminal no Robert it's a little bit different Bloomberg doesn't do Bloomberg doesn't have uh unless you subscribe to

it this is right by the way this is not foul software this is actually a seat on the exchange you're going to see all the

orders on the exchange now this is what blows my mind why would nobody in the business of

trading would ever not buy a seed on the exchange to see where

the orders are I mean I live yes you do have C you have access it in Canada Susan absolutely why would you not want

like why would you not want that I I still can't figure out today you're in the trading business it's like everybody

wants to drive a car but nobody wants to pay for the gas okay could you imagine going to a dealer and saying oh this is

a nice car um you know um I got to put gas in it you know I got I gotta put I

gotta pay for that I'm like well listen if you can't afford the gas you can't afford the car so you just go stick back

with your public transportation if you can't afford this you should not be trading and please don't take it in a

bad way I'm a little Brash sometimes I might get in your face but I rather be very honest with you then sit there and

Pat you in the back and tell you don't worry about it it'll be it'll be okay tomorrow I was never taught that way

because I'm when I started I was trading someone else's money and you think they want me to say you know oh don't worry

about losing all my money we I'll give you more tomorrow no it doesn't work like that all right so anyway let's move

on you think level three is good I'm going to talk about level four now there is

something a little bit more advanced in that okay so let's go into level four

now what's nice about level four is that you're going to get everything that you see in level three but now you're going

to see it on what's called a heat map you're going to see how long he's been out there you're going to see if he

added to the position you're going to also um it's also going to AGG

other exchanges because there are more exchanges than just NASDAQ by the way I

know a lot of you guys have questions in here we do have staff just follow the questions there like Alex and Dana um I

see you guys are asking and they you know I guess I'm very short for time so

I know people have to go soon so they'll help answer those questions okay guys now I'm going to show you a little bit

more on a more of a visual on a heat M so let's go look at some stocks how they

bounced off support levels and resistance so here we're looking at Sofi okay Sofi went from $7 went to 750 now

it's back down to 7:30 okay now what I want to show you is this you see right

here um right around 7:30 there was a 990,000 share buyer out

there now you could see that their buyers at 4 740 750 760 but you'll

notice that there was a the line got very dark right around at 7:30 because it was 990,000 share buyer out there

well what ends up happening is when that when you got to that big buyer 790 now you have other sellers out there

it bounced because of that big block order out there that's the reason why and if you knew that order was out there

then you would probably know why the stock went up so what do you think happens

next more buyers show up here's inq it starts bouncing right

around a support level around 15 there's a buyer out there and then there's more buyers out

there let's see if the stock how reverses on Resistance AMD goes

up what happens when AMD comes up to 107,000 share seller out

there I don't know what do you think well he's been out there since 11:30 we're at one o'clock every time it hit

it hit at 12 it came back down hit him at 12 it came back down all right well

guess what it could hit all you want but if that seller keeps showing up and you

got all those big block orders out there it's not going to go higher it's not going to go higher

fellow Traders because it's those big block orders even on brand name stocks that going to prevent it from doing that

now what we're going to do right now let's go back to the live market now I want to go back to that stock we saw

earlier what did we saw earlier coinbase right let's go to coin all right so here's Co remember I said we had that

big seller out there at 85 this stock started this morning at

81 and it hit a seller around 82 hit another seller right around 83 and you

could see basically it it took him out but the you know and listen it wasn't a

50,000 share maybe it was let me see how many shares was that let move this over

here uh 20,000 it was 20,000 you see the difference right here what I'm doing is

I'm zooming left to see where that order is because he's not there

anymore all right so now you got 50,000 you got that

40,000 so now you have a little bit of a game plan where that resistance level is let's go back to

Roku Roku since 9:30 this morning you have this big seller hovering around $80

okay okay for 40,000 shares now we had a couple of sellers here you know earlier

on but the real big significant seller is sitting right here and not only that but you notice how it got a lot darker

and redder the reason why that is is because he added to his position so

that's a pretty substantial resistance levels now you might think that oh maybe

you know um 80 it's a whole number you know it's high eight in the Jewish religion I know people have all these

superstitions or whatever reasonings has nothing to do with it has

to do with that big order out there that's all that has to do with it okay now what I like to do is this um I want

to pick a stock from some of you here any stock give me a stock I'm gonna look it up and let me just open oops give me

a stock and I'm gonna basically kind of help some people out here

H so hold on second open

screen trying to get all those indicators out okay so let me see what you got Tesla okay so what I need to do

is um just give me a second here uh Tesla's a really popular stock and uh let me just clear this out

I just want to because I got to load of the data on

Tesla all right okay here's Tesla

okay so I'm going to bring up the data on Tesla we're going to check it out all right so Tesla is going up now the

question is you own Tesla it's going higher what's your game plan where's

your resistance level do you know does anyone here know where's your game plan to get out at

Tesla car Carol that that I mean I assume you own it so Stacy you said Tesla right where's resistance

levels any

idea nobody has an idea no one has any any clue where resistance level on Tesla

is 175 you mean 275 250

okay all right anyone else well let's just look at this right

here um for some reason the stock started this morning and at a really nice move at

9:30 ran from 211 and it's kind of holding here since I don't know 11

o'clock right what number is that give or take what what what number is

that what number is that anyone can tell me what's that resistance today's

high about yeah Joe around two 1780 right maybe 218

okay um did you realize it was a seller out there at 218 see it there for

33,000 never want to let go and when I go back in history and go a

little bit further you see that the seller is out there he's been out there since before 12 o'clock I'm just curious

I'm only looking at an hour let me go back a little bit further let me get more data on

this let's load this up let's see what we got going on here did you know that

there was a 45,000 share seller at 219 some of you or Kurt you already picked

220 Rosie's already at 279 Rosie I mean we're at two right now we're at

218 to go to 279 you know what do you I mean like it could happen but to get

there you got to get through these numbers first you see what I'm

saying so let let me just load up some more data because I need to go back I want to go back when we opened up this

morning I'm only showing uh an hour usually these stocks take a little bit more

data uh okay we're almost

there usually it's never happens when you have it it's just that some of these stocks um some of these stocks that have

a lot of uh that trade a lot of volume take a little more time all right so I'm going to go back now

220 there's a 123,000 share seller out there okay and he's been out there since

this morning see that right there so look at the lines 219 220 is a real big

order all right I'm going to go back in history anybody doing any swing

trades so not really seeing any other orders out there other than this

220 so 220 when I look over

here and I draw my trend line at 220 which is right here yeah I could say

that's that's resistance right look at that you got resistance levels there you got support levels there you got

resistance levels there and we're pretty much right there kind of makes sense right how much smarter and better

trading decisions would you have made if you knew that big seller was out there that you coming up to 123,000 chare

seller ask you guys boom is Right Dan I like that now did I confuse anybody

anybody lost anyone anyone lost here did I lose anyone you with me all

right who here wants to learn more who here wants to learn

more all right this this is what am I gonna do okay because um we're running

out of time unfortunately we're running out of time so this what I'm going to

do cyber trade University which you probably will never hear from any other

school from anybody here we're actually endorsed and sponsored by more brokerage

firms exchanges than any school in the industry and you know what if you ever are looking to learn from someone or if

you've been trained why don't you ask them does thinker swim um endorse you does trade station endorse you does

Schwab or tra or tasty works or NASDAQ you probably will never see this at all

and let me tell you something you could do all the homework you want these companies do background checks on us do

credit checks on us you think that they would want us to do presentations for them if we're teaching people how to lose money so don't worry about it

you're in good hands when it comes to cybert train University because they already done their homework for you but

if you want to kind of read some reviews you probably would never see someone have a higher ranking in the school

industry than cybert train University okay you want to hear what students have to say well guess what here's no better

place to go than see our our our ranking on Google now this is what I'm looking

to do okay I want to invite all of you to come and join me for a week I listen I was

only here for less than an hour I didn't even scratch the surface how many of you here would like to see this in premarket

how would you like to see what happens in the after hours how would you like to see what happens in the first hour of the open how about see other Traders out

there if they're making money doing it I'm gonna invite everybody of you to come and join me for one whole week all

right now we do live commentary from the 9:00 a.m to 10:30 the first hour and a

half of the open and then we do live commentary the last hour of the close those are the two most volatile times of

the market we trade all day long and we're the rooms open all day long but this trading room was the first trading

room in the existence of the market I started the first one so you're all going to be invited to the original

trading room now not only that we do weekly Q&A sessions with gurus from all

over we always invite other pres presenters in there so if you're interested learning about options or

futures or anything else we always have some of the most popular people that are very good at what they do you're it's

going to come with it now this is all it's going to cost $9 so this's what I need you to do take

your phone scan that QR code or click on that

link that you see up there on the screen and we'll get you registered now some of

you here the first thing people always ask me is like okay why is it $9 that's what's the catch there's no catch you

know what the catch is that whoever registers I know that you're a real person or not okay I'm not looking for

Free People by the way if you're looking for free stuff you shouldn't be trading anyway no there's no um Ron there's no

Auto renewal we're not going to hit you like other people do and said oh pay $9 and next thing you know you hit with a

$300 after the week no we do not do that no renewals okay listen if you do not

want to continue with cybert train University but bottom line you're wasting my time my staff's time and my

Traders time if you don't want to be there we don't want you there okay you You're Gonna Want to be there but listen

if you if I sparked your interest right now come and see what it's all about now this is what we're gonna

do um once you register you're also going to get my book okay um with our

book you could pay $47 on Amazon or I'll give it to you for free so it's it's a

good fast read I think you guys are going to like I know people like to read books so if you want to know um how to be market makers it's it's it comes with

the training program all right now this is everything that you're GNA get you're

going to get um three Pro workshops Traders talk Library oh I almost forgot

as a bonus I'm gonna do something else I'm gonna throw this in right now you register right now you're G to get

something that you probably never experienced you're the first 20 people

register are going to get a free consultation with me I will be I'm going

to pick the phone we're GNA make an appointment you know and we're gonna talk and we're g we're gonna and I'll be

able to answer some of your questions personally one-onone now I know for a fact 99% of you never even spoke to a

person at a company more or less talk to somebody you know uh uh so that you paid

to teach you now you're probably looking at sold for $9 like why would I waste my

time you're like why would fer want to talk to Belle or Dan or Michelle because

I am looking for Traders to be part of my family part of my team there's a lot of schools out there that are actually

students of mine I'm hopefully G to teach you so you could teach your family your friends maybe even teach your own

trading room okay listen people go to Harvard you know and why you think

Harvard just sitting had to teach you make money out there no they teach people and eventually they become successful ful and that's why we've been

around for 30 years okay and have a AAA rating at the beta business bu and being

endorsed by your brokage firm but it's you know what but I'm looking for serious Traders for $9 that's all I'm

asking so take your phone scan the QR code or click on that

link and get registered okay if and and the thing is this if you

can't afford to spend $9 you really don't afford can't afford to trade you

really not because you want to make a successful career you're sick and tired thinking that you

know you're probably going to get laid off from you you probably got laid off from your job because someone replaced you cheaper maybe you're about to retire

you know Social Security is not paying enough you may save all this money for a pension you gotta you know you gotta

build on it not live off it there's no better job than trading it really is you see the volatility you saw what happened

today you see some of these stocks that we traded but when you look at a stock like Tesla I show showed you and you

don't know where that 120,000 share seller is and you're thinking that people are watching you no you're not

watching them stop focusing on the past because I could focus on the past and

make me sound like a genius all day long but the past is not indicative of

the future so come and join us for a week oh and by the way just like my staff just

said you listen if you after a week you want your $9 I'll give you $9 but I

don't need your $9 do you guys see what's going on behind me you see that picture right there it's not a picture actually it's a

jersey that's Michael Schumacher one of the best formula one drivers ever lived I met him um because we used to sponsor

a Ferrari team you know what that thing cost I even got a sign champagne glass

from him he liked me so much he goes F I like you I like you so much he goes let me sign your champagne glass you know

what that thing's worth with his lips on it okay I don't need your $9 you know what I need I need traders that could

help us all TR trade together make money on the team so if you like what you see and you want to see more and you want to

see it live in the market and you want to meet people like you that are successful here's your chance to do it

so come and join us now um I see a lot of people registering right now I do a quick little shout outs to everyone

that's registering but really quick before I start um calling some of the people that that are are that top 20

already um when you register you got two very important things to do there's a

question here please fill it out to your best of your knowledge let us know do you have a brokerage account because if

you do we'll let you know if they have the tools that you need or not because some of them don't some of them don't

even tell you they don't want you to know because they're trading against you believe it or not um also did you take

training from somebody you know let us know about that how big is your your trading account so we know what let you

know what kind of stocks you could trade um and also then when you go to the next one you're going to make an

appointment um everyone in here is going to get an appointment talk to education advisor we're going to take the time to

to tell you what you're going to see um listen it's so nice you could actually

physically talk to somebody you know what I mean like for $ n you know what I mean like listen we're looking to take

you seriously you take us seriously we take you seriously but there are way too many people that are losing money in the

market there're too many people that make it sound like you're going to lose all your money in the market because of

ignorance so don't be part of that 90% failure rate let's be part of the team

all right so let me do a couple of little shout outs right here um first of all we got oh Edwin Edwin how I see you

register right here I'll just show you right here Edwin has got your registration welcome aboard uh Ron bump

got your registration thank you very much Timothy leay welcome aboard need

your chance Champion I'm just going through my inbox I'm seeing them right now Dan Hamilton got your registration Kurt Schwarz got your registration

Amanda Ali got your registration just seeing you guys registering right now A couple more people just registered right

now Frank bani Pon like me right here from

uh but you're from Ontario Canada wow listen we got a lot of Canadians 20% of the Traders all in Canada from there all

right any other questions any other questions by you guys are registering no no rush not going

anywhere seeing everyone just registering right now uh Ro Scott

Rogers from uh just got your registration welcome aboard we're almost at that 20 by the way come on there's

over a hundred people in here why don't you want to make a small investment for $ n listen you got to learn before you can

earn let me tell you something the worst thing could happen to you is that you find out trading is not for you and you

know what that's okay that's okay but why go out there open up a brokerage

account prepare for you know to do something and try it and then find out

the hard way it's not worth it I love teaching people I love changing your

mind but you got to learn to follow the future and the future is follow the

money it's all you got to do um let me see I had a couple of questions here

okay a couple of people here are just uh registering um when could I start okay that that's good question so start start

soon as you registered get get register now book your appointment immediately and get in there okay second I one

person said I'm G to be on vacation that's okay lock in your nine $9 rate and then if you want to start on Monday

or you want to start when you get back from vacation you could do that but you know what it's fresh in your mind so register now don't worry about like I'll

I'll do when I get home this I don't know if I'm going to still do this promotion you know what I mean let us give you everything now let's get the

alert going on we're going to send you alerts let's get you you know be able to watch some of the videos if you're on

vacation uh Joel wessell from uh Port Charlotte Florida just got your registration too all right good uh do I

need a brokerage account no Z no no we do not want you to trade okay we just

want you to watch all right this is a trading room it's not a teaching room we

have those later we'll worry about that you know after a week if you want to continue you are just here to see that

everything we spoke about is what we do okay so no don't if you have a broker's

account open running that's great but we don't want you to trade we just want you to watch we want you to meet the other

Traders how they were like you and how friendly we are and how we work together

all right um how much money do I need to trade

that's a great question the numberers right on the screen $9 don't worry about oh I got this size

of account I got this all you need right now to be successful in trading is right

there on the screen $9 that's it don't worry about anything else um enza from

Ontario Canada just got your registration enzza D just got your registration wow look at that looking forward great great I love all the

registrants you guys are going to has such a piss up you think what you saw here in an hour you haven't seen nothing yet okay wait till you start seeing we

start trading in pre-market and we start seeing how all these Traders how we work together and you know and how friendly

everybody it's just uh it's gonna be a lot of fun you're G to like it uh just showing look everyone's

registering I know what listen we got over a 100 people coming in here John dbrand just got your registration from

Carolina yeah look at everybody out here registering it's beautiful great love

it make sure you lock in your your time zone for your um for your

appointment uh Rosie said I'm working towards trading hours Rosie you could still swing trade you know what I mean

Rosie you could you could watch this live on your phone okay don't worry about it you could sit there and you

could be like uh yeah I'm working you know you could be on your phone and do it it's all we have it down to a sence

listen you know I've been through the financial crisis hurricane Sandy Co

everyone's been through Co um I've been through the internet bubble you're going to come up to another catastrophe and I

don't think anyone here wants to get involved with for what happened with coid how how how many of you here got

destroyed during coid how many of you sold or missed that great opportunity that rally there's goingon to be another

one I mean hell we're at a war right now who knows what could happen but you got to be ready for it oh you're a teacher

Rosie okay well listen that's great we got professors in here we got uh we got

a lot of teachers so you fit right in Rosie you fit right in uh a couple other

questions but but you know what Rosie for $ n listen at least you get the videos you could trade at night you can

still learn how to do your swing trading Lea Sun from uh another person from Ontario Canada just got your

registration too Leah Sun thank you very much appreciate the vote of confidence Dan H from um I don't even know where

that is aapco is that where you're from hope I I hope I mangle that one I think

the system froze up filling out the survey after I selected a Time Dan all right listen if you have a problem

everyone is registering right now I mean there's there's a ton of you registering I know hopefully the system didn't crash

but oh you're from you're from Germany Dan okay good um like I said you got the

number on the screen you could always call us

uh was it it's uh

8777 cyber if you're having any you know technical issues you always call us we

got staff that's standing by all right jacquelene W Jacqueline W from uh Sandy

Shore Texas has got your registration there you are right there okay appreciate

it yeah Al you know what about in about indices the problem with those is that

you're not you're going to see a lot algorithms going on very hard to find big Iceberg orders okay so listen at the

end of the day you're here to make money right your goal is we need to teach you how to risk the least amount of money

with the high amount of reward you can trade indices you can see it but when we start teaching you and start seeing the

difference where you could trade a stock that's a fraction of the cost with more Iceberg orders block orders and trading

an indic you know or an ETF you're going to see well you know what at the end of the day if I had to make $1,000 I'd

rather trade this and trade that and that's where that comes in uh another person

uh Rosie uh W from uh Quebec just got your registration thank you very

much all right any other questions wow you guys had some great

questions and I'm so excited that almost a lot of you register by the way if you didn't register okay um let me just

leave off for some people here listen you got to learn from somebody I know you want to do your

homework maybe you took a class maybe you're in the middle of a class with somebody like you know let me finish this class whatever let me remember what

I told you if it's not working after three months you got it's not your style

or you got a bad instructor that basically comes down to it okay like what like somebody here like you you

said she was a teacher you know listen you as a teacher you know you got good teachers you got bad teachers you know I

mean um but you got to do your homework uh you got to learn and you and you got

to take a couple of classes from different people and find out what you like because when you find that out then

you get better at it uh who else we got here Damon Lee that I just saw you just registered

thank you very much Damon Dam you're right here in uh Columbus Circle right here in New York New York so I can't you

know I can't you know BSU you know this is the financial capital of the world you see what's going down there you know

it's going to be awesome to get you involved and see what's happening you know hopefully maybe you come to our onsite that we have here too living

local we a lot of people from all over the world come there uh come here we're based out right out of Long Island all

right any other last minute questions yes so Alex we do you can trade crypto

we do talk about crypto you can trade level four you can trade Futures on level four also that would be awesome I

know a lot of people like Futures but we do cover options too but our main goal

is we like to see what happens as a day trading because as you day trade you'll

you'll see what happens as a day trade and then you could say you know what this looks pretty good maybe I want to

do a swing trade or maybe I can do an options trade but all thoughts what happens over the course of the

day um well listen like I said for everyone here that might have a full-time job you

know or a part-time job whatever it is trading is not a full-time job

just please keep that in mind everybody thinks this listen if you could trade once a week or maybe during your lunch

break or certain or maybe after the clothes you know it's gonna listen you're gonna have to learn eventually

all right and Goth is a big catastrophe you want to be prepared for it so it's never too late to learn but it is too

late to learn when the catastrophe hits so that's what we got to look at all right fellow Traders listen thank you

very much I got to get ready for my Traders I want to get ready for the close thank you so much for being here

um I'm glad that I look forward to talk to every one of you that registered and um just please make sure you book your

appointment soon talk to education advisor let them do your walk through watch what we're doing in the trading

room you don't got to be there all day you could if you want but you could access to your phone wherever it is you

better off you can do it on a computer but just sit back and watch and have fun and hopefully we can make you part of

our family when we have that conversation thanks for listening everyone I hope you had a great time and I like to thank the staff for making

this successful but W we'll see you we'll see you once we'll see you in the trading room all right thanks


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