PHASE 1 FOREX TRADING COURSEGrow from an Amateur Forex Trader

Cyber Trading University’s Forex Trading Program was designed to provide students with everything possible to maximize their odds of success and to ensure that students will have the support that they need throughout the learning process.
Cyber Trading University’s Forex Trading Education Program will provide students with the education, strategies and tools that you need to trade the 24-hour forex market.

All sessions are recorded and made available to students for review. In addition, registrants will also receive pre-recorded, self-paced instructional materials.

About the Phase 1 Forex Course:

Introduction to the Forex Market

  • Most Actively Traded Currencies & Currency Pairs
  • What is a Pip
  • Leverage
  • Margin
  • Rollover
  • Forex Hours
  • Charts
  • Placing Orders
  • Indicators
  • Market Watch, and other MT4 functions

Intro to Fundamental Analysis

  • Central Banks
  • Economic Indicators and other significant reports
  • Fundamental Analysis and long-term Forex trends
  • Economic Calendar
  • Other influences; Oil & Gold

Intro to Technical Analysis

  • Identifying the Long-term trends
  • Trending vs. Range bound market conditions
  • How to trade a Trend, how to trade a Range
  • Finding the appropriate trade using oscillators & indicators
  • RSI, Bollinger Bands, & Moving Averages
  • Writing your first trading plan
  • What is a Trading Plan, Why have a plan?
  • Trading goals
  • Best times of the day to trade
  • Trading rules

Intro to Basic Money Management

  • Determine Max Risk per trade and total account risk
  • Calculate individual trade risk
  • Position Sizing & Pip Value
  • Putting it all together & the proper use of a Demo Account