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    "Informative and entertaining, Fausto captures the history of active stock trading from a unique, personal perspective. His book brings to light many of this trader's 'insider secrets' and demonstrates how to use today's technology to exploit even the smallest of opportunities."
    —Tom Sosnoff, Co-founder, Thinkorswim

    "I have a great deal of admiration for Fausto for his approach to the equities markets, and in general, for his outlook on life. Cyber Trading University is not just a career choice for Fausto, but a true passion—in fact, it's very evident that he finds educating others extremely rewarding. Knowing him personally for several years, I sense that he genuinely cares about his students the same way he does about his family and close friends. Certainly characteristics that are critical in a successful mentor!"
    —David Sakhai, Chief Operating Officer, FXCM

    "Fausto's new book is awesome! This book reveals to the reader priceless information about how orders are placed and executed. This information allows the trader to place high odds trades. In my opinion, this book is a must-read for those who are looking for a trading edge."
    —Tom Busby, CEO, DTI

    "How to Beat the Market Makers at Their Own Game is a great resource for anyone trading in today's stock market. Seasoned self-directed investors and aspiring day traders alike can benefit from its wealth of information and insight. Pugliese does a wonderful job cutting through the heavy technical jargon of complex subject matter, educating readers with easy-to-follow rules and financial concepts. The book covers a wide range of topics spanning from fundamental components like the inner workings of stock exchanges and using Level II systems to more applicable guidance such as picking the right stocks to trade and charting technical patterns. Bear in mind, this is not a book for investors wanting to learn about stock valuations and reading balance sheets. How to Beat Market Makers at Their Own Game is intended for people who want to learn to trade the stock market effectively, focusing on sound concepts like making a 'Day's Pay' and the 'Building Method.' The book is chock-full of real-life examples and specific trading scenarios broken down into understandable language that is both easy and enjoyable to read."
    —David Bernard, Chairman, The Equities Group

    About the Author
    FAUSTO PUGLIESE is founder and president of Cyber Trading University. Pugliese began his career on Wall Street as a stockbroker and was one of the first independent traders to take advantage of the Direct Access Trading technology boom that started in 1987. He has appeared on Fox News, CNBC, and other financial shows. He also writes for Equities magazine and hosts a radio show on Biz Radio.