SILVER STOCK TRADING PACKAGEPhase 1 & 2 Stock Courses + CyberGroup

Duration: 8 Live Lessons Monthly
Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

This training path is designed to provide students with everything possible to maximize their odds of success and to ensure that they receive the support necessary throughout the process.

Cyber Trading University’s Silver Stock Trading Package will provide students with the education and tools that they need to become a successful stock trader. This intensive three week program covers everything from Stock Market Basics to uncovering Market Maker Traps. Most importantly, this program gives students the ability to watch a professional trader in action during the trading day, showcasing the effectiveness of the strategies and methods outlined in this class.

Each class is broadcast live, providing students with the opportunity to interact with our established course instructors. All sessions are recorded and made available to students for review.

What the SILVER Stock Package Includes:

  • 6 Months Access to Classes
  • Access to Recorded Class Sessions
  • Presentation Lesson Planner eBooks (PDF Format)
  • 6 Months Membership to CyberGroup (BONUS)

Fausto Pugliese will personally show you through real-time demonstrations how market makers use a variety of methods to hide their intentions and mask their activities. When you apply the lessons learned in this class, you'll be able to reveal and predict the direction in which the dominant market maker is moving- and handsomely profit off of it.

Phase 1 Stock Trading Course

Phase 1:

Phase 1 is the essential starting point of Fausto Pugliese's revolutionary trading system. In this class, Fausto will bring you up to speed on the most important concepts that you absolutely must be aware of to become a top-earning trader. He will also dispel popular trading beliefs and set you straight on the path to profitability. Fausto will teach you what are the best types of brokerage firms and platforms to use for daytrading success, and also explain how institutions try to rob small traders.

You will learn how to find the best stocks to trade each day, how to correctly utilize time and sales, ECN books (including Nasdaq Level II, Level III, and Totalview), profitable intraday stock market patterns, and how to follow "smart money" Nasdaq market makers as they move stocks up and down.

Phase 1 also discusses:

  • Stock Market Essentials
  • Building a successful trader's mindset
  • How the Nasdaq is unique from other exchanges
  • Finding the most tradable Stocks
  • Time & Sales, ECN Books, and Shadowing Brokerage Firms
  • How to spot the "smart money" via ECNs
  • How to avoid getting fleeced by brokerage firms
  • Charts, Graphs, Technical Analysis, and Other Essential Matters

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Phase 2 Stock Trading Course

Phase 2:

Once you have mastered the critical lessons of Phase 1, the Phase 2 class will take you to the next level. Fausto will teach you, in much greater detail, how to scan for the most profitable stocks to trade, as well as how to filter out stocks that are most likely to lead to choppy "headfake" moves that cause traders to lose money.

In addition, you will learn how to find the best entry and exit points for trading these particular stocks, and how you can identify and follow the dominant "smart money" market makers in these stocks. By following these market makers, you can position yourself to buy before they cause the stock to rally, and sell or short before they push the stock down.

Phase 2 also places a high emphasis on the use of trade journals to track your trades, and Fausto will use these trade journals to help you analyze both your strengths and weaknesses. As a skilled trading coach, Fausto will teach you how to replicate your winners and minimize your losers.

Phase 2 also discusses:

  • How to scan for the most tradable stocks
  • Evaluate a stock for its tradability
  • Locate your entry and exit points
  • Identify the dominant market makers of a stock
  • How to avoid market maker tricks and traps
  • Learn the best types of trading orders to use
  • Find important historical information about the activity of a dominant market maker
  • Proper risk management strategies

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It’s important that you experience real-life market scenarios. After all, these are the sorts of situations you’ll encounter when you trade or invest on your own, and have your money at stake. Just how much success you’ll eventually have in the market depends partially on how well you’ll handle these challenges.

That’s why in this package, Fausto teaches you about the fundamentals you must have to be a wealthy trader or investor. Use this controlled learning environment to safely develop the skills and attributes needed to conquer the markets, with a highly experienced professional showing you the way.



cybergroup-screenshotCyberGroup is an interactive online trading room and stock alerts system daily between 8:30am-4:00pm/ET.

CyberGroup Membership Includes:

  • Premium twitter alert system sends you real-time updates on the market while you're on the go. Alerts include stock movements to watch, breakouts and market news. You can even set up alert notification via text message!
  • Daily live online market review and live trading picks, weekdays @ 9:00am EDT. This half-hour daily webcast reports on the market conditions before the opening bell. Every session will be recorded and archived for playback later in the trading day.
  • Live online trading room from 8:30am - 4:00pm EDT. Watch a professional trading tackle the market in real-time, ask questions, discuss stocks and be a part of our community.
  • Daily Voice Chats & Presentations
  • Discounted member-only enrollment prices for workshops

As a CyberGroup member, you will receive trading analysis, stock picks, activity reports and interaction with Fausto Pugliese and other professional traders. The live alerts system is delivered by twitter (creation of a FREE twitter account is required to participate).